Series: Featured sites on consum(er)ium development wiki main page – #1- The hunger site

First site I will review in this blog is The hunger site. Every click donates over a cup of food ( USian measure, about 400ml or 4dl ) of basic #staple food such as wheat, barley, rye, oat, rice or corn to people of the 800+ mln that go to be hungry and malfed.

This is a definitely a good algorithm for TheHungerSite: click once a day, on all computers you can. Clicking on the advertiser ads provides more food.

The hunger site has been up ever since the 90’s. I remember it since the 1998. The Hunger Site was added to the Main Page on 15:39, 24 April 2012‎ . It was the #3rd site that was added.

The hunger site logo
The hunger site logo

( Lowest Troll note: Now if just could give them some onions, oil and water to their pan and stove the trolls would be doing the meal happy dance while cooks )

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