Planetary basic income as political goal


Capitalism is going deeper into crisis and the current status quo (which Clinton seems to want to hold intact) that no replacing jobs are created and there seem to be no politicians pushing for planetary basic income funded from sharing the revenue streams generated by invested capital.

Due to human productivity the feasibly employable capital is growing constantly (unless we already dunn wreck the weather and will suffer from it) and this in conjunction by the scientific-technical advances, new service innovation and vast efficiency gains from self-service automation and full automation in ICT  drives growth of service productivity. These  should enable to pay planetary basic income.

Take away cab driver, bus driver, delivery truck driver, trucker and farm equipment operators’ jobs is what the automators are now proposing so you see that this decline of capitalism ain’t gonna be happy time for the middle-class and proles either.

I know the people who publicly advocate total despotic enforcement of maximal greed everywhere all the time by the invisible green hand (read: mostly republicans) fathomed by Adam Smith don’t want it totalitarian for those they consider their kin. Maybe peoples of the Earth need to rethink how they divide to kin/non-kin.

Call me commiemist, I’ll slice, dice and red red hot hot salsa salsa till everyone’s gotten something to eat and if there is more resources then I’ll crêpes with jam and whipped cream for dessert.


Here is an infographic:

“When you increase the buying power of the not-so-well off ones it all goes to their consumption which drives the economy forward. When you tax the rich it doesn’t come out of their spending but their (highly speculative and debt levered) investments (which are often not connected to the development of the real economy at all).”