On the SAFE Network, SafeCoin cryptocash and what’s going to happen in the future

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[18:13] <jubo2> Suppose a situation where the SAFE Network has been opearting for N years

[18:14] <jubo2> … providing value to the beneficiaries of the commons

[18:15] <jubo2> … and fairly lotterying SafeCoin to the Farmers and the Builders

[18:15] <jubo2> [18:07] <jubo2> #1 Did SafeCoin guarantee the provision of valuable things in the past? Yes.

[18:15] <jubo2> [18:07] <jubo2> #2 Does SafeCoin currently guarantee the provision of valuable things? Well it is up, ain’t it?

[18:08] <jubo2> #3 Do you feel confident that the SafeCoin will guarantee also in future the provision of more and more services and resources to the beneficiaries of the commons?

[18:15] <jubo2> [18:09] <jubo2> All points #1, #2, #3 hold true for money, gold and SafeCoin _when_ MaidSafe has operated for N years?


[18:16] <jubo2> the point is that by the time the 4-gigacoin ceiling is hit the system will have moved to a hybrid model between socialism and free marketism

[18:17] <jubo2> and when the bell tolls for 4-gigacoins minted and paid to the farmers and builders the exchange rates between SafeCoin and other currencies has formed and also transition to free market has been seen when entities start charging SafeCoin from the bigger users

[18:18] <jubo2> So it starts out as pure socialism

[18:19] <jubo2> if all the connected world just hooked up their old boxes to wired internet we would have huge disk capacity

[18:20] <jubo2> and then it moves to hybrid model where the state pays but also SafeCoin is asked of those who use bigger amount of resources.. say over 500GB or whatever

[18:21] <jubo2> once the transition to the hybrid model is far enough it is safe to turn the digicash mints off and nothing drastic will happen

[18:22] <jubo2> coz #1, #2 and #3 are still intact even if the socialism is not systemic but more of the generosity of the patrons of the network

[18:23] <jubo2> somewhere while this happens I can buy pizza with my SafeCoin and the pizzeria keeper can pay for his storage and net presence needs with the SafeCoin creating a cycle of money

[18:25] <jubo2> so please brave Scots who are going to h4x this, don’t mess it up because it is a good thing

[18:25] <jubo2> me a go offline now

[18:26] <jubo2> All the best from Finlan.